Heritage Fly Tying Leather Mat

Step into a world where tradition and craftsmanship converge with our Heritage Fly Tying Mat – a tribute to the rich history of fly tying.

Crafted for passionate salmon fly tiers, this mat showcases renowned Tapered Hook Charts that have stood the test of time(Price Tannatt, Herbert Maxwell, Dublin/Philips, W.Bartleet Limerick).

Made from premium full-grain Buffalo leather, our mats are built to last, ensuring they'll grace your tying desk with timeless elegance.


    - Made in Montreal, Canada.

    - 10/12oz Natural veg-tan Buffalo leather.

    - Dry hackle gauge.

    - Wet hackle gauge.

    - Hook size chart.

    - Bead size chart.

    Dimensions: 19.5” x 10.5”.