TIMBER & FINS is a family business born out of a love for fly fishing and a passion for design. We produce premium accessories that are beautiful, useful and eco-friendly. We provide the anglers with products that are aligned with both their values and needs on the water.


In an effort to contribute to the saving of our environment, we have chosen to stay away from plastics and toxic finishes. Instead of silicone and foam, we use amadou as hook strips in our fly boxes. Not only does this look beautiful, the amadou dries your flies when you put them back in the box. We use food grade waxes and linseed oil instead of varnishes and lacquers.



David-Alexandre Chabot - Owner


Born in the Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada, my love for fishing started at a young age. Along with my brothers, I would go out throwing worms at whatever would bite. My passion for fly fishing started 5 yrs ago. Being a designer by trade, the idea of tying my own flies was very appealing. The addiction grew more and more and I now try to go fishing as often as possible. Last season, I was lucky enough to fish 11 different rivers and lakes across Canada and targeted pike, brook trout, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon. My obsession has inspired me to make flies, rods and handmade fly fishing gear that are made from natural products.



Reid Couture - Apparel, Advertising & Social Media


Based in Barrie Ontario, Reid has always had a passion for the outdoors. Living on Lake Simcoe ice fishing is where his love for fishing started. Over the years he has expanded to fishing all seasons and targeting many different species including Pike, Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout. His background is in finance but he wanted to find something he was really passionate about. This is what led him to Timber & Fins. He was instantly attracted to the business because of the high quality products and joined as a social media and apparel partner. He loves being a part of this company.




Devin Svensen - British-Columbia, Canada
Payton Hanssen - New-York, United-States
Jerry Campbell - United-States
Christian Frenette - Quebec, Canada
Dylan Brebner - British-Columbia, Canada
Len Talarico - British-Columbia, Canada
Alex Chacon Aguilar - Ontario, Canada