It's important for us to use quality materials that are eco-friendly which is why all of our leather goods are made from Vegetable Tan Leather. The name refers to the tannage of the cowhide, it uses natural materials like tree bark to process it into leather. We also opted to use only water base stains.




All of our leather goods are sewn, stained and buffed by hand. Each has been made with care and is one of a kind.





Explorer Fly Wallet


If you are looking to up your game in terms of fly storage, here is a classy way to do it! They are perfect for salmon flies or big streamers.



Wanderer Fly Wallet


Perfect for a day trip on your small local stream this wallet comes with one free Field Notes pad which is waterproof!



Reel Cases


Your reels are precious and they deserve the best! Our Reel Cases are here to protect them in style!

Fly Tying Mats

Our new fly tying mats feature a Dry and Wet hackle gauge, as well as some Hook and Bead size chart!