By Teddy Cosco 

This past June, I had the incredible opportunity to fish with the esteemed Norwegian Flyfishers Club on the legendary Gaula River. Known for its large and incredibly strong Atlantic salmon, the Gaula River is a dream destination for any angling enthusiast. But this trip was made even more special because I had my wife and our 9-month-old daughter accompanying me.

It was a surreal experience, one that I will cherish forever. With my daughter in my hiking pack, we waded out into the river to watch me cast and cast and cast.These moments spent with my family in that beautiful setting was a something I will never forget. 

 Fly Fishing With Daughter

However, the trip was not without its challenges. The most psychologically taxing part was the perpetual daylight. With light shining 24/7, the concept of time became elusive. The river beckoned constantly, teasing that the next cast might yield the fish of a lifetime. Balancing the urge to fish with the necessities of eating, sleeping, and spending quality time with my family was a tightrope walk.

But as with all great adventures, the challenges made the rewards even sweeter. The pinnacle of the trip was when I managed to bring to hand a strikingly chrome 96cm sea-liced buck. The adrenaline, the joy, and the sheer satisfaction of that moment are indescribable.

 Catching big salmon on the fly

In the end, the trip was a perfect blend of passion, family, and nature. It taught me the importance of balance, the joy of small moments, and the thrill of chasing dreams. The Gaula River and its majestic salmon will always hold a special place in my heart, not just for the fish, but for the memories made with my family by its banks.

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