We're fortunate to have an abundance of stunning locations offering exceptional fishing opportunities across Canada, some of which are among the most breathtaking in the world. The west coast, in particular, boasts awe-inspiring scenery. One of our ambassadors, Dylan Brebner, is privileged to call it home. His family runs the Tsuniah Lake Lodge, an ideal spot for angling enthusiasts. I had the pleasure of chatting with him to learn more about this remarkable area, as I'm personally eager to visit soon!



Q: Hey Dylan, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Let's start with where are these lakes located exactly?

A: My pleasure. They're situated in west-central British Columbia, on the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau and the Coast Mountain Range.

Q: How long have you been fishing these lakes?

A: This area is home for me, so I've been fishing here since I was a child. I started fly fishing around the age of 9 but I was casting lures long before that!

Q: Is there a significant number of people fishing and boating on the lakes?

A: Tsuniah Lake is essentially reserved for ourselves and our lodge guests. Though there's a small campsite, reaching it without a 4x4 vehicle is quite challenging. We only encounter a couple of boats per year that aren't ours. It's the perk of being so remote, haha. Chilko Lake is larger and sees a few more outfits operating around it. There's also a small First Nations community residing near or on the lake shore. So, there are a few more boats there but it's still relatively low. On a busy day, you might spot half a dozen other boats and a pair of kayakers or so.

Q: What species can be found up there?

A: We have wild Rainbow Trout and Bull Trout.

Q: Do you mostly fish by boat, or are there wading areas? I've noticed many pictures of you guys using float tubes. Is that the preferred method?

A: All three options are viable but most fishing is done from a boat. We offer guided trips on Chilko Lake and boats are available for use on Tsuniah Lake at your convenience. Float tubing is an excellent way to explore these remote mountain lakes, especially where the shorelines are rocky, overgrown or lack access. It offers anglers a stealthy access to fishing spots, improved visibility of fish and a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape. Plus, it maximizes the time your fly is in the water, enhancing your chances of a successful catch.



Q: How long has your family been running the lodge?

A: Founded in 1951 by my grandparents, the lodge has been a cherished family operation for four generations, steeped in a tradition of warm hospitality. With a majority of our dedicated staff consisting of family members, our lodge’s history is intertwined with our family legacy. Notably, our longest-standing guests, a family who began visiting in the early 1950s, embody the enduring spirit of our lodge.



Q: It's quite a wild and remote area. What's the best way to get there?

A: We have a 4000ft grass strip for landings. Flying from Vancouver is the best option, as it’s a one-hour flight compared to a 12-13 hour drive without stops. Additionally, we offer scheduled charter services.

Q: What makes these lakes so special?

A: The remoteness is a significant factor. Both lakes have their unique charm. Tsuniah Lake is a phenomenal wild trout lake with fish that punch well above their weight class. It's great for dry fly fishing, although the season can be short due to occasional windy conditions. Chilko Lake is fantastic for several reasons, starting with the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the various shades of blue and teal the water exhibits during the season. Again, it's the remoteness. The Bull Trout and large Rainbows are voracious and put up quite a fight due to the glacial water.

Q: What can people expect in terms of lodge accommodation?

A: Guests can expect a secluded setting with rustic cabins that include power from a hydro turbine system, running water from mountain springs, and hot showers. The lodge offers a peaceful retreat into nature with opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing!



Q: When's the best time to come for fishing?

A: The fishing is consistently good; you just have to adapt your approach according to the season. Basically any time from May till October.

Q: Without revealing all your secrets, what kind of flies do you use on those lakes?

A: When targeting bulls and larger rainbows, I primarily use streamers. But I'll have to keep the specifics reserved for our lodge guests, haha.

Q: What kind of rod setup do you use?

A: Currently, I use a 5wt 10ft Orvis rod and reel on Chilko Lake. For Tsuniah Lake, I prefer a custom 3wt setup with a Redington reel.



Q: It truly sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I can't wait to make it over there! How can people contact you for more information on the lodge?

A: People can reach us through our website (https://tsuniahlakelodge.com/), our lodge's Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tsuniahlakelodge/) or directly contact me via my personal Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/chilcotin_angler/).

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