Special Edition Tube Fly Wallet - HORWEEN

This special edition fly wallet is handcrafted in Montreal using Horween Brown Nut Derby leather.  We are only making a few of these and each of them will be individually numbered!

Choose from our 24-pin or 14-pin options, designed with a premium golden sheepskin lining on one side for secure storage of your hooks and standard flies. The 1.5-inch (38mm) long pins are ideal for smaller diameter tube flies. Additionally, it features a secure nickel-free gun metal snap and a convenient pocket for your leaders or fishing license.

Horween is a tannery established in 1905 in Chicago. They have a rich history in producing premium leather and are renowned for their high-quality hides crafted through a meticulous tanning process, a trade secret handed down for generations. They even make the leather used in the confection of the NFL balls!