There’s nothing better than freshly caught trout fried in butter. You don’t need to do much to make it tasty!

I always bring my cast iron pan when I leave the house to go spend some time in the wilderness. I love how versatile it is, from cooking steaks to making eggs, this thing does it all.

Get your fire started and wait till you have a nice bed of coal.  While you wait, prep your trout by making a cut with your knife from the back to the front along the centre of the belly and empty the inside. You can choose to keep the head on or not, to save space in the pan I took them off this time. These two nice brook trouts were caught by my wife and daughter!

Clean your trout with water and pad dry.

I like to put some oignons inside and salt the fish.

Tonight we are also making some small round potatoes. We cut those in half and added salt and pepper.

Once your fire is ready, make a flat bed with the coal, heat up your cast iron pan by placing it directly on the coal.

Add butter to the pan, don’t be skimpy.

Put the potatoes in there, cook for 15-20 depending on the size of the potatoes.

Set aside and add more butter to the pan. 

Put your trouts in the pan.

Cook for 8-12 minutes(depending on the size)flipping once.

Now enjoy your crispy trout hopefully with some friends and family on a lake or along side a river. That’s the magic ingredient that makes it that much better!

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