By David-Alexandre Chabot


Sometimes simplicity is best, this is definitely the case with this trout recipe!


- Freshly caught trout
- Salted Butter
- Garlic 


Gathering wood
Step 1: Get some wood for the fire.


Fire starting
Step 2: Get that fire started!


Step 3: Enjoy the view while the fire turns the wood into coal.


trout, butter, garlic
Step 4: Clean your trout and get some garlic and butter.


Trout stuffing
Step 5: Stuff the trout with that good stuff


Stuffed trout
Step 6: Wrap your trout in foil.


Wrapped Trout

 Double Wrap is best.


Step 7: Wrap more foil around a metal rod, this will be helpful when taking the fish out of the water.


Stuff in the coal
Step 8: Stuff it in the coal. Wait 10 minutes.


Step 9: Take that trout out of there!


Step 10: Eat that trout! I forgot to take a picture before digging in, it was just that tasty!

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