Wheatley Slim Fly Box with Leather Sleeve

We believe in partnering with the best to bring you exceptional products. That's why we've teamed up with Wheatley, a name synonymous with timeless quality, to create the perfect fly-fishing accessory.

With a heritage dating back generations, Wheatley is renowned for crafting fly boxes that stand the test of time. And now, we've taken tradition to a whole new level. Our meticulously designed leather sleeve adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to this classic fly box, transforming it into a modern masterpiece.


Elegance Meets Functionality:
Our custom-designed leather sleeve not only protects your fly box but also adds a touch of luxury to your fishing experience. The rich, genuine leather exudes a timeless appeal, making this fly box a statement piece that complements your style.

Innovation at its Core:
With our relentless pursuit of innovation, we've reimagined the traditional fly box. The Wheatley Clip Slim Fly Box with Leather Sleeve showcases our dedication to pushing boundaries and enhancing the fishing experience. We've taken the best of the past and combined it with cutting-edge design to create a fly-fishing essential that is both functional and fashionable.- Made by hand in Montreal, Canada.

-Black anodized clip box .
- Made from veg tanned leather, a natural way to process leather.
Dimensions of fly box : 3.70” x 6.2” x 5/8" when closed.

Flies are not included.



Non disponible